Book a demonstration (FAQ)

You have heard about Thermomix from friends or you have seen one in the background during a TV program and now you are wondering… does it really do all that? Book a demonstration and see for yourself, in your own kitchen.

Host, guests and food during a Thermomix demonstration.

When you invite me over for a Thermomix demonstration, we will agree on a mutually convenient time. I will bring the Thermomix, set it up in your kitchen or dining room and we will cook together.

A demonstration will let you try for yourself most of the functions of a Thermomix, such as weighing, milling, kneading, chopping and sweating vegetables, blending, steaming, crushing ice… You and your guests will get to enjoy a healthy and tasty menu at the end. It is hands-on and delicious!

How many people can participate? 

At least 3 and no more than 6, including yourself.
Having guests over is an excellent way to make sure that all sorts of questions are asked and answered: the ones you can think of and the ones your guests might have.

Some of the guests are vegetarian/celiac/do not like this or that… What do we do?

You will receive the list of ingredients in advance, if there is any concern just let me know and we will tweak the menu to your satisfaction. Thermomix is a great help for people with special dietary requirements: they will be delighted to see all it can do.

Can we have some wine?

Once the demonstration is finished.

How do I book a demonstration?

Just fill the form below if you are in Dublin. Contact Thermomix Ireland and UK if you are elsewhere.