What is a Thermomix?

Thermomix is the world’s smallest, smartest kitchen.

A Thermomix TM31

Having a Thermomix is like having an extra pair of hands in the kitchen
or a chef who doesn’t answer back.

Put a carrot in and you’ll get carrot soup out:
the Thermomix does all the chopping, sauteing and blending while you
When the soup is hot and smooth, it chimes and you

It is self-cleaning and can go into the dishwasher.

With a Thermomix you can also…

knead bread and pizza dough – make silky and lump free cheese sauce
grind the hardest spices for curry or the softest meat – steam dumplings or fish or puddings
stir risotto, so you are not all flustered and chained to the stove for 40 minutes –
whip cream and meringue – submit the hardest parmigiano into fresh pesto –  mash potatoes –
heat water to precisely 90 C for a green tea that’s not burnt and bitter,
or to 80 C for perfect Aeropress coffee  –
chop and sautee your ratatouille without turning it into a pulp – beat butter for pound cake –
cook the perfect soft egg

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